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Memorial books or Online Memorials

If you want to immortalize, commemorate, celebrate and honour a loved one, you can opt for memorial books or even an online memorial page that is dedicated to your loved one.

Thoughts, feelings, sentiments, emotions when put on paper or when written can say more than a thousand words. And so, memorial pages or books serve as a good tribute to the departed soul wherein you share memories, photos, stories, eulogies and offer condolences and prayers too. Friends and family write or post what they want to or feel like sharing.

There is continued connect amongst all and it also helps in the grieving process. And if someone couldn’t attend the funeral service, then it gives them a chance to express their feelings and condolences and gives a sense of nearness even if they were not physically present in that place at that time.

Some people also choose to inter memorial books along with some much liked belongings of the deceased in the casket or coffin just before the funeral service.

So if you are opting for memorial books or online memorials, Blacktown City Funerals can be of great help!