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"Compassionate, professional care for families after they have lost a loved one" -Betty White

Just as life, death is inevitable. Life happens, it is constant, and in the same light, death too happens. The cycle of life finally rests at the doorstep of death. And that is typically the end of one’s live and then a person is only remembered by, missed, grieved for, mourned for and with time becomes a memory.

So, if you have lost a dear one, spouse, family member, loved one, child or a parent, you do want a fitting tribute to celebrate their lives one last time on earth and to help you plan, organise and even arrange it for you, you will need a dependable funeral home from around where you reside and in the New South Wales area, one such funeral home is Blacktown City Funerals.

“Professional, caring and simply affordable” is our tagline. And we live up to it absolutely. And every word that is a part of our tagline is what describes our services, when it comes to funeral arrangements and funeral services. We are an Australian-based, family owned and operated funeral home and have been around for 35 years and more and have been helping families in funeral services and arrangements.

For all our services, we are extremely thoughtful, caring, considerate, understanding and concerned and extend wholesome support to the grieving family members. In this, we offer round-the-clock phone support, or are even available in person at anytime you request.

Our close knit team are compassionate, empathetic, professional and also have the knowhow as to how to offer quality service that speaks volumes, yet affordable.

All and any personal requests, wishes or requirements put forth by family members are adhered to, followed and fulfilled. Not to miss, if you want the funeral service to be personalised in any way, or you want a religious service of your choice, or you want the funeral service to be held at a particular location or if you want more information about chapels, churches, memorial gardens or parks, we will get it done and also suggest these accordingly.

In the event you have a funeral service to plan, consider or want to know more about the funeral services we offer, call Blacktown City Funerals on 416 320 210/400 744 044/ 2 9620 7328 or write to us at

Our Sydney funeral directors will be of great assistance to you! 24 hours / 7 days a week

About Us

"We love them, we miss them, we grieve them, and so, we live our lives to make them proud."

Bidding the final adieu is never easy and saying the last goodbye is different for each person. And this is because we are all different individuals and the life that we have lived, the friends that we have made, the people that we have loved or known varies from person to person.

So if you want to say that last goodbye in the form of a fitting funeral service, it is time to reach out to Blacktown City Funerals. And this is carried out keeping in mind the different cultures, beliefs, religions, practices, traditions, wishes and requirements.

As is evident, our funeral home is meant for people who have departed, so it could practically be anyone, aged, young or old, or even people who have opted for the prepaid service. In case, a family member wants something to be added to the prepaid service, it can be accommodated, just that the difference or additional charges will have to be paid for.

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"A funeral is not a day in a lifetime; it is a lifetime in a day."

When we talk about the services a funeral home like Blacktown City Funeral offers, it is widespread and varied. This is keeping in mind, choices, sentiments, options, sensitivities, religious beliefs and of course, last wishes. Therefore, keeping in mind all of these aspects and more there is a range of services that extend to our clients’ and they include:

  • Cremation and Burial Services
  • Prepaid Service
  • Repatriation
  • Choice of Caskets or coffins
  • Memorial books or an online memorial
  • Choice of funeral vehicles
  • Choice of flower arrangements

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